Rainier Golf & Country Club

The Rainier Golf and Country Club is the second oldest private golf club in Seattle. It was founded on March 11, 1919, and a 3,400-square-foot clubhouse was built in 1922. The club and clubhouse grew quickly. By 1924, the golf course had expanded from 9 to 18 holes and the clubhouse had grown to nearly 18,000 square feet through a three-story addition north of the original clubhouse.

Aging building systems, deteriorating material assemblies, and outdated spaces struggle to serve the Rainier Golf and Country Club's operations and to appeal to new members. SHKS provided a comprehensive master plan for building improvements that will help the club fulfill its mission and vision.

The original clubhouse, designed by notable Seattle architect Ellsworth Storey, is visible in this contemporary image as the single-story gable roof in the center of the building.
Seattle, WA

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