Portland State University Science Building 1

SHKS recently completed pre-design services for the expansion of Science Building 1, on PSU’s Portland Campus. The study looked at feasibility of renovating the existing building and adding approximately 30,000 square feet of lab and classroom space.

After analyzing solutions for building additions, SHKS determined the most feasible and resource efficient solution would be to maximize the existing footprint. Each floor would be extended to match the grade level footprint, interior spaces would be reconfigured with circulation and informal learning spaces at the perimeter and lab spaces pulled inside.

A site connection to the adjacent street and rail would be reinforced with an interior ramp following grade with entries at the east, west and middle of the south walls. The design includes wood exterior cladding in “strands” alternating with glazing, and with the introduction of color. Larger glass opening illuminate double-height informal learning spaces and act as markers to the neighborhood.


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