Anhalt Condominium

The residence is located in a Seattle Historic landmark building, designed by Frederick Anhalt and built in 1929. The exterior of the building has been meticulously maintained but the interior of this unit was woefully undermined by chalk white paint and white tile. Much of the original detail was missing, with the exception of the textured plaster walls and ceilings, and the pointed archways linking the main living spaces. The original fireplace with a stepped surround had been covered with white subway tile, losing its charm in the process. Ensuring thatall original amenities remained, the intent of the remodel was to restore a sense of harmony between the exterior character and the interior experience, while maintaining a connection to the past. 

Through a previous project with the client, we were able to establish a positive working relationship and gain trust in the design process and our collaborative efforts. The client is fearless when it comes to design, and she was interested in a bold color scheme for this project. The choice of dark paint on the walls created a cozy yet dramatic atmosphere. The colors respond well to light at all times of day and changing weather patterns, working with both natural and artificial lighting while creating a unifying backdrop for the spaces collected artwork. The dark walls are paired with soft white ceilings and bare wood floors with vintage, well-worn rugs throughout. The final touch of craftsmanship in both the materials and the furnishing together compose a home at harmony with its history and setting. 

Seattle, WA

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